5-Lens Oblique Camera
BL100 Pro
5-Lens Oblique Camera
BL200 Pro
Single Lens Aerial Mapping Camera
BL6100 Xport
Methane Detection Camera
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Why Choose Us
Original Manufacturer
High Compatilibity
Cost Efficiency
Own to our professional team in the drone industry, we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-level payloads for each vertical drone industry.
All of our solutions are highly integrated with the biggest brand of drone DJI in the world, besides DJI drones, they also can be compatible with other flight platforms.
Being one of the cutting-edge technologies in the drone industry, we supply a collection of cost-efficient solutions to our clients in the market, and benefit them with high accuracy and efficiency.
In fact, we are very pleased with the testing result of theBentley software and the good quality of the photos.
No problem, we are interested too in sell yourproducts and know the quality and thetechnical advantages of this technology.
A very nice product-I am talking aboutthe BL6100 Xport. I tested it and I am verypositively surprised by the accuracy and image quality.
It's funny. Since we are very satisfied with yourproducts, we have the BL100 PRO viewed. Veryinteresting.
I am hoping that we can get more sales of thecamera's as we have seen amazing results. The 3d modelgenerated by your photos looks pretty good.
Application Scenario
Aerial Surveying & AEC
Nature Resource & Mining
Public Safety
Utility & Electricity
Oil & Gas
Precision Agriculture
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